What's The Best Cooler for Camping?

What's The Best Cooler for Camping?

In hot summer, for those who are hiking and mountain climbing enthusiasts, it would be refreshing to drink a bottle of iced beer or drink on the way out for a long time. So What's the best cooler for camping?

This Doubleleaves Hard Side Portable Ice Cooler is undoubtedly the best choice. The new portable fashion cooler invented by Doubleleaves brand can make their dreams come true. This cooler can keep the liquid in the cooler cold for a whole day without leakage. It is the best choice for camping coolers. Doubleleaves launched a Hard Shell Heavy Duty Cooler before, and it's on fire. In summer, it is necessary to eat ice-cold drinks and fruits at any time. So now Doubleleaves has introduced a more portable "cooler" 20QT Hard Side Portable Ice Cooler, which is larger than Hard Shell Heavy Duty Cooler, but as durable as Hard Shell Heavy Duty Cooler. Whether you take it on a pleasant excursion to the beach or lake, or as a lunch box, there's no problem.

Hard Side Portable Ice Cooler has the following advantages:

1. Large capacity

Using cube shape, Hard Side Portable Ice Cooler is actually a mini-refrigerator, its outside size is 16 1/2 × 13 4/5 × 16 inch and inside size is 11 1/2 × 9 1/2 × 12 3/5inch; Capacity up to 30 cans without ice, and 16 cans with recommended 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio.

2. Leakage prevention

Rubber latches and refrigeration-grade seals in coolers can be well sealed and waterproof. When ice cubes and drinks are loaded, even if they are randomly placed, there is no need to worry about ice melting or leaking.

3. Good heat preservation effect

It uses LLPDE, 83.8 /m PU foam as the material. The small surface area of the cover can help your beverage and food keep cool for about 5 days at a temperature of up to 90 degrees F.

4. Strong, wear-resistant

Doubleleaves 20 quart Hard Side Portable Ice Cooler comes with an insulated lid and body for strength, protection and insulation. Hard Side Portable Ice Cooler is enough for everyday use, solid enough to keep your ice and durable enough to go anywhere you go.

5. Small design with multi-function

It is also equipped with foam cushion handle, stainless steel bottle opener, drain plug, durable and convenient; secure T-handle latches, 4 pieces Non-Skid feet Guarantees that your cooler box won’t go anywhere without you. It is easy to load and take food and drinks by using a wide-mouthed flip-over design.

6. Long warranty period

In addition, in order to assure you of its quality, we commit ourselves to a 24-month warranty.

This Hard Side Portable Ice Cooler has three colors to choose from. It's very fashionable and beautiful.

Hard Side Portable Ice Cooler White | DoubleleavesHard Side Portable Ice Cooler Pink | DoubleleavesHard Side Portable Ice Cooler Blue | Doubleleaves

Of course, good products are worth waiting for. Now they are on sale. Anyway, these two coolers have their own advantages. You can choose the right one according to your needs. Stop hesitate, and choose one right away.

Search on www.doubleleaves.com for more coolers experience.
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